Check out Affiliate Coach, Laura Croce!

Laura is an amazing business coach, someone who has walked the walk, not just talked the talk. She has set up and operated multiple businesses, including a cleaning company, a construction company, a hardware store, a home staging company, and more! Check her out! 

Check out Affiliate Coach, Karmi Jones

Karmi is like a living super ball – she always bounces back! She is a life coach who specializes in helping women learn to love themselves again, heal their trauma, and embrace a hopeful future.  Check her out! 

Check out Affiliate Coach, Lynda Laws

Lynda has a passion for making women feel like the rockstars they really are! She’s certified as both a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Lynda also loves to help her clients achieve peak fitness through kickboxing, intervals, agility, and functional training. If you’re ready to turn it up, it’s time to talk to Lynda! 

Check out Affiliate Coach, Kathryn Whittington

Kathryn is passionate about serving women and children and has for the last 25 years as a public servant. She is currently serving her 6th year as a county commissioner for the Ashtabula County Board in Ohio. She wants to help women overcome barriers, and step into their potential.  If you’re ready to grow and overcome barriers, it’s time to talk to Kathryn!

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Ask yourself these questions:
Are you a lady that puts yourself last after all of your to-dos?

Do you dread Sunday night, knowing you have to go back to work on Monday?

Do you believe there must be more out there for you, but you’re not sure how to get there?

Do you need a recharge, and nothing is working?

All of us have a story. Some of us have gone through some pretty tough times and survived, but maybe not healed. Or have healed, but still need support. 

Wherever you are in your journey, you have a place to grow, share, and support here. The person who can help you, and the person you can help, are both waiting for you. 


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